Product Care

A little care leads to a lifetime of enjoyment

Following these guidelines will ensure a long and beautiful life for your furniture and its finish.

DO dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth.

DO use a mild mixture of dishwashing liquid and water for easy cleanup of spills, stains and dirt.

DO use a trivet or other similar protection when placing a hot dish or pan on your furniture. Heat can damage the surface.

DO use cloth or felt-backed tablecloths and placemats. A plastic backing can damage the lacquer finish.

DO NOT apply polish, oil or wax to the finish. Generally, the only way to repair finish damage is to completely strip and refinish the piece.

DO NOT place furniture in any area where they will be directly exposed to strong sunlight or the elements. We offer an exterior lacquer finish providing additional protection as an option for our porch furniture. However, they are only meant to be used in a covered area or screen porch.

DO NOT apply a commercial furniture application. Our finishes are matte and not intended to be polished to a high gloss. In fact, many products on the market can damage the lacquer finish.

Quality furniture that will last for generations.

Steve F.