Finishes protect and maintain the integrity of a wood surface and enhance the essential character of the wood species.
Wooden chairs with fiber rush seats for children

Natural Oak – A clear finish on oak brings out its natural good looks

Antique Oak – Walnut stain over oak wood highlights the grain and produces deep golden brown tones

Light Cherry – Brings out the cherry’s characteristic reddish tones and mellows and darkens with age

Fruitwood Cherry – A pecan-colored stain produces a warm hue that lightens over time

Antique Cherry – A lush deep red tone that lightens with age

Walnut – A walnut stain on walnut complements the beauty of its grain

Red Mahogany – Stain over mahogany enhances its rich red coloration

Brown Mahogany – A deep brown stain results in a beautiful vintage look

Slight variations in wood finish colors are possible. See color swatches on the woods page.

Lacquer finish

We use a lacquer finish on all of our pieces, giving them a satiny and sophisticated look. This finish requires very little maintenance and is water resistant.

Fruitwood cherry drop leaf table detail