Our People

Troy Coppage

President | E.A. Clore’s great-grandson

Troy’s last name is Coppage, but he is a Clore through and through. He started in the family wood shop during college, sanding and maintaining plant equipment. In the years since, he has mastered many of Clore’s traditional tools and techniques and has worked in all facets of the business. Today, Troy manages Clore when he is not designing or working on a piece of furniture.

Troy is the current Chief of the Madison County Volunteer Fire Company. When he stands still long enough, it’s usually to take a weekend away camping or to spend time with family.

Troy Coppage

Sara Clore Utz

Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer | E.A. Clore’s great-granddaughter

Sara is the first person to greet a visitor who walks into our offices. She has kept things running smoothly for many years—handling sales, shipping, payroll, and accounts—and, most importantly, keeping the candy bowl full of goodies! Sara is married to Tommy, has two children, and is Nana to two grandbabies.

Billy Coppage

Master Craftsman | E.A. Clore’s grandson

From his early days in the workshop through his tenure as President of EA Clore, Billy has spent most of his time crafting fine furniture. And he’s still at it today!  His deliveries have taken him all over the United States with his wife, Bonnie as sidekick.

Billy served as Chief of the Madison County Volunteer Fire Company for seventeen years. He and Bonnie are grandparents to ten and welcomed their first great-grandbaby this past year! Billy is easy to spot around town, driving with his best dog friend Gabe.

Willie "Billy" Coppage

The Coppages

Troy and his wife, Karen, love to make deliveries across the United States. They even delivered furniture on their honeymoon!

If you have a vision for a customized piece, we are happy to discuss it! Just give us a call! Dismiss