Clore craftsman working on a piece

Dedication to detail

Start with the finest hardwood, carefully selected, air and kiln dried. Saw, sand, steam bend to shape, and smooth. Construct by hand, piece by piece, and finish to matte perfection. The care and skill that go into crafting Clore furniture harkens back to a different time.

wood plank sanding

Practicality and elegant simplicity

Classic lines and the traditional techniques of the craftsman—hand fitting and sanding, sturdy dovetailing, mortise and tenon joints, and multi-layered lacquer finishes—are Clore hallmarks. Turn a Clore chair over and you will see the underside is as neatly assembled as the top! Open a drawer on a bureau. Notice its smooth operation and beautiful finish. Every facet, every surface is lovingly detailed by people who know their craft and care about what they are doing.

Clore furniture graces homes, offices, schools, and other institutions in all fifty states and abroad.


Virginia has almost 16 million acres in forestland—a million more than eighty years ago—and Virginia forests are growing more hardwoods than are being forested. The Central Piedmont where we live and work is home to 19 certified “Century Farms” and 66,670 acres of forests.

Sustainable forestry practices—regeneration, reforestation, managed growth, habitat preservation, water protection, and biological diversity—are critically important to our quality of life and enable us to practice our craft.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our everyday routines, such as recycling sawdust and other wood waste to heat our workshop. Of course, the most important environmental protections are products that are made to last lifetimes. Ultimately, this focus on quality and durability is the greatest homage we can pay to Mother Earth.

We have purchased several pieces of furniture from Clore, and they are, by far, the most exquisite pieces on the market today. Truly quality furniture.

Carol C.