Old Clore family photo

A Madison County tradition

Nestled in the heart of historic Madison County, Clore is a family-owned business that has expertly produced handcrafted furniture since 1830. Many of the tools that E.A. Clore used when he rebuilt the factory in 1930 are still in use today. Our workshop, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Central Virginia, is where all the magic happens.

The workshop is a living tribute to a time when family businesses formed the backbone of our nation’s commerce. At any hour, you may find the founder’s great-grandson examining details on a kitchen chair or his father assembling a chest of drawers by hand. We care because we know what is created today will one day become a treasured heirloom.

Every [Clore] piece that I own is a treasure. Four generations of my family have these treasures. 

Claudia R.

Authentic artisanship

Call us old-fashioned. Every step of the way, each component passes through the hands of a skilled carpenter or finisher. We construct each piece as if it were going to be in our own homes…as many are! We have learned that natural materials, designed along classic lines and crafted with care and precision result in furniture that is both durable and beautiful. In fact, we passionately believe that sustainable practices and purchases that last for years make our world a better place to live.

Commitment to community

Madison County has been home to the Clore Family for over three hundred years. We have neighbors and friends whose great-grandparents knew our great-grandparents. Over the years, many have contributed their skills to making our business a success. In turn, we are committed to contributing to the quality of life we have all enjoyed through respectful management, fair wages and working conditions, giving back to the community, and excellent service to customers. These values have worked for us since 1830, and we believe they will continue to stand the test of time.