Clore Favorites

We have many beautifully handcrafted pieces for you to see here on our website, from beautiful and functional cutting boards to handsome dining room furniture. Whether as an addition to your own home or as a special gift to a loved one, at Clore you're not just getting quality furniture, you're getting a story. The pieces featured on this page are some of our customers' favorites...

A Clore fireside bench as a gift says, “Here, have a bit of history.” Graduates and dads enjoy the pencil cups for their desks. Mothers and wives love opening a gift of a felt-lined jewelry chest. It is a custom in many Madison families to present newlyweds with a foot stool and a new-born with a child’s rocker or chair, gifts they will treasure always.

Clore customers most often talk about their history of our furniture. We love hearing how it is handed down generation after generation. Every story is personal and unique! It’s not only furniture being passed down but also sweet memories. Start your own family “story” by bringing home one of our handcrafted treasures.