Clore has crafted pieces for some of the nation’s most treasured sites—Ash-Lawn Highland, the Albemarle County home of James Monroe, and rooms along the University of Virginia Lawn —and schools, such as Woodberry Forest and St. John’s College.
Clore wooden furniture and paneling at a courthouse

“For years we bought used chairs from secondhand brokers that needed repairing when they arrived and never lasted very long. There have been a number of red letter days at the C&O. One of them clearly was the day we took delivery on a truck load of E.A. Clore chairs.

We bought about 100 of them at once, enough to supply the whole restaurant. It was one of those moments when we felt ‘we have arrived.’ Since then we have used nothing else. They are sturdy beyond measure.”

David Simpson, C&O Restaurant Proprietor, Charlottesville, VA

Plain Master Chair by Clore

“I was delighted to see that you are still making the Plain Master Chair. It is ‘my chair’, having great sentimental value because it was (and still is) the chair used by all of us at St. John’s College when I was a student there from 1964 to 1968. I remember it being not only a beautiful and finely made chair but also an extremely comfortable chair. My love for it is as the love for an old and true friend and companion. I intend to order one or more tomorrow.”

Lynn A.

“I started buying Clore Oak chairs in 1974. We have them in our house and had them in our law office for over 40 years! They are so comfortable, well made, beautiful and only get better with age!”

George C.

Clore chairs at a courthouse