Practical Table

Its name says it all: use the practical table as a children’s work surface, a coffee table, or whenever another surface is needed.

Rib Rocker

This graceful ribbed back rocker is perfect for rocking a child to sleep in your arms!


Six generations of craftsmanship In 1830, Moses Clore and sons, James Osborne and Joel, were the first generation of family cabinetmakers to apply their old–world skills to crafting quality hardwood furniture. At the time, chairs—usually carved oak—had seats woven from strips of the inner bark of trees, so called “split bottoms”. Joel is said to […]

Our People

Troy Coppage Troy’s last name is Coppage, but he is a Clore through and through. He started in the family wood shop during college, sanding and maintaining plant equipment. In the years since, he has mastered many of Clore’s traditional tools and techniques and has worked in all facets of the business. Today, Troy manages […]

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